About Jomesis.

Jomesis, as a social responsibility project, was implemented in Sason as a joint project of the Batman Province, Sason District Governorship ÇATOM (Multi-Purpose Community Center), GAP Administration and İŞKUR, and the "insufficient job opportunity" that has been the insurmountable problem of our region for years. an important step to destroy your thoughts.

In this project, which is prepared based on the necessity of diversifying the income model of our district, whose economy is largely based on agriculture and animal husbandry, it is tried to gain competence through education and turn it into production. Jomesis started its activities by putting women at the center of these activities.

By giving priority to the employment of women who were excluded from agriculture and animal husbandry or lost their jobs for any reason, jewelry design and production started. 80 women, who took jewelry design lessons by expert instructors in their field, started to work in a field they had never known before, and by teaching jewelry design, they acquired their unique professions.

Of their products in overseas markets mainly in Turkey and sold to the creation of added value for the economy and the country. Therefore; We should not ignore the contribution of our women to their family budgets.

Certificates to women who produce within the scope of the project activities, after certain stages, with the contribution of the Public Education Center.
They will be encouraged to establish and manage their own businesses.

In addition to the experience they have gained during the working process, ÇATOM and Jomesis provide consultancy and guidance services to these women.
will also help.

Providing personal and cognitive development for our women living in the district besides production
events, seminars and so on. It is worth mentioning that activities are carried out and they will be continuous.

In this respect, Jomesis and ÇATOM women socialize and realize their talents,
It is very important in terms of establishing strong and solid relationships.